Preston Station Gallery

Photos from 2000 to the present day

A plant machine manoeuvres onto the tracks at Salwick on Christmas day morning. The signal box has been demolished during December and masts appear to be in place along most of the line between Preston and Kirkham.255 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 25-Dec-2017
Refurbishment work at Poulton-le-Fylde on 9th December 2017. 293 viewsAlthough the station is closed until March 2018 the tracks have to be kept clear as engineering trains continue to pass through going to and from Blackpool North. The semaphore signals and box were still in place on this day but can’t last much longer.
Photo: Mark Bartlett 09-Dec-2017
Kirkham station on Christmas Day 2017. There is a lot of work to do before the Blackpool South line reopens on 28th January 2018 but the new third platform is taking shape.262 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 25-Dec-2017
Looking east from Kirkham North Junction towards the station on 25.12.17, showing the new Civil Engineers siding that has been provided during the rebuild. The crossover that will allow trains from Blackpool South to access the new Up Platform is just vis269 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 25-Dec-2017
The view west at Kirkham North Junction on Christmas Day. The pile of red bricks on the right is all that is left of the signal box. The track layout here has been simplified for electrification.273 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 25-Dec-2017
68031 brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours TRANS PENINE DELTIC LAMENT through Leyland. 247 viewsThe tour from York to Liverpool hauled by D9009 ALYCIDON .
Photo : Kenneth Dickinson 30-Dec-2017
D9009 Alycidon leads the Pathfinder Tours TRANS PENINE DELTIC LAMENT through Leyland. 252 viewsThe tour from York to Liverpool was tailed by 68031.
Photo : Kenneth Dickinson 30-Dec-2017
Newly laid tracks at the approach to Blackpool North, alongside the depot sidings. The lorry on the left was carrying new track panels, which were being taken into the station area by a railway crane.317 viewsPhoto: Mark Bartlett 09-Dec-2017
Construction of new platforms underway at Blackpool North. Behind the camera track was being laid in the station throat area.258 viewsPhoto: Mark Bartlett 09-Dec-2017
BPN 5: A self-propelled railway crane positions new track panels in the approach to Blackpool North256 viewsPhoto: Mark Bartlett 09-Dec-2017
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