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Last additions - 2011
One of the highlights of 2011 was 66514 failing at Preston with a siezed traction motor on 4S41, the HH coal had to be rescued by 37610 which took the emty hoppers to Hunterston via the Settle Carlisle route.341 viewsphoto: Mike BirtlesDec 31, 2011
66065 on the Bitumen empties just emerging from the tunnel on the 1:29 back to the main line.394 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 23-Dec-2011Dec 23, 2011
56311 on a container flats move, passes Cadley Causeway heading North418 viewsPhoto : ASBDec 22, 2011
Another great webcam moment, the NMT passes 4M63 and a mail train440 13-Dec-2011Dec 13, 2011
61994 The Great Marquess passes the Euxton Webcam463 07-Dec-2011Dec 07, 2011
47851 1Z68 Hereford to Edinburgh 5B47786 leading5D Euxton FB 23rd November 2011362 viewsPhoto : Martin Brown 23-Nov-2011
More of Martin's photos here
Nov 24, 2011
92031 4S43 Rugby to Mossend at Euxton FB 23rd November 2011328 viewsPhoto : Martin Brown 23-Nov-2011Nov 24, 2011
92017 6S94 Dollands Moor to Mossend at Euxton FB 23rd November 2011334 viewsPhoto : Martin Brown 23-Nov-2011Nov 24, 2011

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Ribble Steam Railway Winter Gala 2011


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Random files - 2011
Unidentified 390xxx in P5 185134 in P6 awaiti to depart southbound325 views
Resident John Howe with visitors May (from ELR) and Linda (From Chasewater) run past the train at Exchange sidings prior to working a 'triple header' back to the museum.369 viewsMark Bartlett
Sunday 13th Feb 2011
Linda on the swing bridge264 viewsAdrian Bradshaw
Saturday 12th Feb 2011
37706 at Lytham Road bridge286 views37706 sets off after waiting in the loop for 2 service trains to pass. This was an ECS for a Preston - Euston tour 1z36

Photo: Adrian Bradshaw 15/07/2011
48151 Passes the site of the Euxton Webcam450 viewsPhoto : Martin Brown 09-Aug-2011

8F no. 48151 passes through Euxton on the outward leg of the Welsh Mountaineer.

The Webcam can be found at :
The last train of the RSR Winter Steam Gala.283 viewsVisiting loco "Fulstow" heads out over the troublesome swing-bridge. The last two services of the day were delayed after the bridge had refused to lock back in position after being opened. After Saturday's wash-out, Sunday provided plenty of sun for travellers and photographers.
A Northern unit and 66433 captured by the new upgraded Euxton Webcam306 viewsApart from producing much better video and stills (like this one), it can also be turned and zoomed remotely...
47790 heads up the Northern Belle past the Euxton Webcam327 15-Oct-2011