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Last additions - 2018
New Northern CAF EMU 331001 made its first daylight runs on 17th October with several test trips between Preston and Carnforth24 viewsbefore returning to Edge Hill Depot. Seen here approaching Barton & Broughton heading south.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 17-Oct-2018
Oct 17, 2018
73141 & 73017 arriving back from Blackpool into Platform 3 with 1Z25 to Mossend Down Yard.92 viewsPhoto : 22-Sep-2018 Tony WoofSep 22, 2018
92033 preparing to head north from Platform 3 with 1Z25 to Mossend79 viewsPhoto : 22-Sep-2018 Tony WoofSep 22, 2018
92033 passing through the down goods loop heading 1Z24 to Blackpool North from London Waterloo.82 viewsPhoto : 22-Sep-2018 Tony WoofSep 22, 2018
195103 on test, arriving with the 5Z04 11:09 Carnforth - Warrington Bank Quay.101 viewsPhoto : Tony Woof 18-Sep-2018Sep 19, 2018
195103, on test, returning to Bank Quay from Carnforth on the second of two test runs, passing under Coastal Road at Hest Bank heading towards Lancaster.87 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 18-Sep-2018Sep 19, 2018
THE BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1Z50) with Class 8F 48151 in charge as it approaches Bee Lane bridge.83 viewsAt this point the train was running 10 minutes late.
Photo : Kenneth Dickinson 15-Sep-2018
Sep 16, 2018
Unidentified class 68 (020?) on a TPE test run for their new loco-hauled coaching stock. 107 viewsPhoto : Michael Renshaw 29-Aug-2018Aug 29, 2018

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Random files - 2018
Seen from the east end of the original island platform, a train for Preston pulls away from Kirkham’s new Platform 3. 234 viewsStation refurbishment continues and the wires and masts still need to be installed before the Easter reopening to Blackpool North.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 30-Jan-2018
A view over Poulton station on 10th February 2018 as work continues towards the Easter reopening303 viewsPhoto : Mark Batlett 10-Feb-2018
All masts and Catenary wires now in place at Carleton Crossing.388 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 02-Mar-2018
New valances being installed on the L&YR canopy at Poulton-le-Fylde.375 viewsThe old valances were much deeper and the shorter ones are needed to provide adequate clearance for electrification. The line reopens for diesel services on 26th March 2018. Electric services begin with the start of the May 2018 timetable.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 02-Mar-2018
Looking towards the buffers at Blackpool North.118 viewsAll electrification infrastructure is in place ahead of reopening four days later. In the foreground is the new Platform 1 & 2 for Pendolino services.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 12-Apr-2018
All electrification work completed at Poulton. This is the Blackpool platform four days before train services resumed.131 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 12-Apr-2018
Also splendidly turned-out, bringing up the rear - 1733 (47853)84 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 27-Aug-2018
Class 40. D213 ANDANIA, looking pristine at the head of the Cumbrian Mountain Whistler92 viewsPhoto : Kenneth Dickinson 27-Aug-2018