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Archive photos (up to 1999)

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Butler St Entrance437 views55555
(15 votes)
An unidentified Black 5 enters Preston East Lancs under Vicar’s bridge. Summer 1963. 468 views55555
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716 views55555
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Wheels and motion of Britannia 70013 Oliver Cromwell at Preston station, April, 1968. 403 views55555
(6 votes)
Britannia pacific 70013 Oliver Cromwell awaits the right of way from Preston station, April 1968. 401 views55555
(4 votes)
Fishergate entrance and period cars!409 views55555
(2 votes)
Britannia pacific 70023 Venus rolls on to the North Union bridge and accelerates away from Preston station with an express passenger train. July 1966. 432 views55555
(2 votes)
An unidentified Black 5 passes Miller Park, Preston, with an excursion train for Blackpool, to the appreciation of a couple of spotters, July, 1966.490 views55555
(2 votes)
Ivatt 2MT 43027 performs training heating duties at Preston station on a cold moring in February, 1967. 555 views55555
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Black 5 45209 comes off duty at Lostock Hall mpd and prepares to be watered and coaled in preparation for its next turn. July 1967.491 views55555
(2 votes)
A Standard Class 4 4-6-0 with a clean smokebox and a train of ballast hoppers takes the slow line past a grimey Black Five out of Preston station. August 1966.586 views55555
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An unidentified Black Five applies the brakes as it approaches Preston station under a dark thundercloud sky. July 1966. 603 views55555
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