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Archive photos (up to 1999)

Last additions - Dave Felton - Steam
BR 9F No. 92052 heads away from Preston with a southbound mixed freight train on 9th June, 1962.824 viewsJan 09, 2012
B.R. Standard Class 2MT tank No. 84018 leaves Preston with a local stopping train to Fleetwood on 19th September. 1964.819 viewsJan 09, 2012
BR Britannia Class No. 70029 'Shooting Star' passes through Preston station with a freight train on 25th June, 1966.742 viewsJan 09, 2012
BR 4-6-2 Britannia Class No. 70015 'Apollo' awaits departure from Preston Station with a northbound express on 18th June, 1966.683 viewsJan 09, 2012
LMS Stanier Coronation Class No. 46257 'City of Salford' ready to depart with a southbound express from Preston on 27th July, 1963.718 viewsJan 09, 2012
LMS Stanier Coronation Class No. 46256 'Sir William A. Stanier F.R.S.' standing in Preston station on 21st July, 1962.829 viewsJan 09, 2012
LMS Stanier Coronation Class No. 46254 'City of Stoke-on-Trent' with a northbound express at Skew Bridge Penwortham just south of Preston on 27th July, 1963825 viewsJan 09, 2012
Stanier LMS Princess Class No. 46200 'The Princess Royal' waiting to leave Preston station with a southbound express on 10th June, 1961.849 viewsJan 09, 2012
Stanier 5XP Jubilee Class No. 45666 'Cornwallis' at Preston station with a Blackpool bound train on 18th June, 1962.781 viewsJan 09, 2012
LMS Stanier Jubilee Class No. 45642 'Boscawen' departing from Preston station with a Coronation class pacific just about visible to the left on 9th August, 1966.726 viewsJan 09, 2012
Stanier 5XP Jubilee Class No. 45600 'Bermuda' on the up fast line light engine at Skew Bridge in Penwortham south of Preston on 18th June, 1966.752 viewsJan 09, 2012
Stanier 5XP Jubilee Class No. 45581 'Bihar and Orissa' heads south out of Preston station with a local stopping train on 18th June, 1966.782 viewsJan 09, 2012
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