Preston Station Gallery

Archive photos (up to 1999)

45216 storms away from Preston station with a 1S44 Edinburgh - Manchester express working. August 1966. 570 views
An identified Black Five crosses the North Union Bridge with a 1P05 Barrow – Blackpool working following a run down the East Lancs line and then joining the WCML at Farrington Junction. August 1966. 593 views
An un-identified grimey Black Five crosses the North Union Bridge at the southern approach to Preston station. August 1966. 560 views
Standard Class 4 75021 makes way back tender first with two brake vans to Preston on the WCML past Cadley Causeway Recreation Ground. August 1966.552 views
45435 gathers speed as it passes Miller Park southbound out of Preston. August 1966.521 views
Stanier 8F 48359 displaying a 9H shed code on its smokebox comes off the North Union bridge extension. August 1966.543 views
A Standard Class 4 4-6-0 with a clean smokebox and a train of ballast hoppers takes the slow line past a grimey Black Five out of Preston station. August 1966.578 views
Britannia 70015 Apollo, minus nameplates, eases into Preston station with a parcels train from Crewe. August 1966.609 views
Britannia 70013 on the last leg of the 1T85 RCTS Lancastrian No.2 Railtour on the WCML races past Ribble Sidings. April 20, 1968.545 views
Britannia 70013 on the last leg of the RCTS Lancastrian No.2 Railtour on the WCML near Factory Lane, Preston, with a group of enthusiasts in the distance. April 20, 1968.626 views
Black Five 44971 with a train of refrigerated vans run past the East Lancs goods shed at Preston station. April 20, 1967.632 views
Lostock Hall Black Five 45305 in a very clean condition waits to depart with the Blackpool Manchester express. Summer 1967. 627 views
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