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Town green signal box was an LMS TYPE 13 (ARP TYPE)built by BR in july 1949 (long after WW2 had ceased,hence the inclusion of locking room windows front & rear).

Town Green had a 25 lever REC (Railway Executive Committee) Lever frame fitted in the rear of the box.

The 1949 box at town green replaced an earlier 1875 vintage S&F type box (Saxby & Farmer) & when brand new in 1949 would have worked "absolute block" to aughton park SB in the ormskirk direction & "absolute block "to Maghull SB in the liverpool direction,as well as controling access to & from sidings on the up & down sides of the line.

Over the years various changes were made to the signalling at town green & on the ormskirk line,by 1990 the sidings opposite the box (on what was now the up side) had long gone,but the siding behind the box (on what was now the down side)still remained & occasionally saw use by having engineers trains/on track machines/stabled there.(at one time the royal train during the grand national used to be stabled there also ,but by 1990 it was just tampers & ballast trains in there).

the down siding was finally abolished in october 1990,

In 1990 town green still worked absolute block to maghull (2m1195 yds away)& since 25th october 1970 town green also had control of what was now the terminus of the electrified merseyrail services at ormskirk,with the layout from town green to ormskirk being track circuited throught & motor points used at ormskirk.

Town green SB closed along with Maghull & Walton Junction signal boxes on the 10th february 1994 under stage 1 of the merseyrail northern lines resignalling

no traces of it remain.