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Pepper Hill SB was an all timber box (size 9)built by the L&YR in 1902 & was fitted with a 48 lever L&Y frame mounted in the front of the box,the frame was later extended to 56 levers.

The box was located on the down side & suffered from subsidence at times,requiring lifting & remedial works in 1914 but the box always had subsidence problems & seemed to sag in places right up until closure.

In 1956 the box took control of new I B (intermediate block) signals between Kearsley & Pepper Hill in connection with the closure of robin hood & unity brook north signalboxes & again took on more importance & control of the Clifton end of the up goods loop in 1968 in connection with the closure of Clifton junction signalbox.

Later on fortunes changed & in 1986 the goods loops had gone & the box had become a simple block post open on early & late turns only (the box switched out overnight having lost its night shift in the early 70s).

in 1986 the method of operation was absolute block to Agecroft junction in the Manchester direction & absolute block to Kearsley junction in the Bolton direction.

Pepper Hill SB closed along with Kearsley Jct SB on the 7th September 1986 under stage 2 of the Manchester Piccadilly resignalling scheme (the area was brought under the control of the temporary signalling panel at the east end of Bolton station)