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Lostock Junction signal box was a brick & timber box opened by the L&YR in 1899 in connection with the quadrupling of the line in the Bolton direction,the box was equipped with a 90 lever L&Y frame fitted in the front of the box

In the early 80s the box had all its spare levers removed (63 in total) & the gaps boarded over,leaving just the 27working levers remaining.

In 1987 & right up to closure the methods of operation at Lostock Jct were, absolute block to Bullfield West SB in the Bolton direction, absolute block to Blackrod junction SB in the Preston direction & absolute block to Crow Nest Junction SB in the Wigan direction.

Lostock Junction also remotely released the intermediate ground frame at Westhoughton, to provide access to the Metal Box factory there (since Westhoughton Goods Yard signal box closed on the 16th april 1972).

Lostock Junction SB closed along with Bullfield west SB on the 21st JANUARY 1990 under the final stage of the Manchester Piccadilly area resignalling.