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Knutsford East signal box was an all timber box fitted with a 20 lever Steven & Sons front mounted frame, & opened in 1886 as "Knutsford" by the CLC (Cheshire lines Committee) at the Manchester end of the down platform of Knutsford Station.

In September 1889 the box was renamed Knutsford east,in connection with a new signal box opening at the west end of Knutsford Stn (named Knutsford West).

the box at Knutsford East later became the sole surviving signal box at Knutsford but still retained its "East" suffix right up until closure.

When these photos were taken in 1994 Knutsford East signal box worked absolute block to Mobberley (2m 897 yds away) & absolute block to Plumley west (3m1134yds away), Knutsford east was still in use on a split shift basis Monday to Friday to shorten the block section during the morning & evening peaks in traffic.

Soon after 1994 fortunes changed for the worse & the box at Knutsford East became surplus to requirements becoming "open as required" & switched out never to reopen.

Closure came on the 27th October 1996 ,with the block section becoming permanent Mobberley to Plumley West.

Knutsford East signal box also retained its vintage LNWR block instruments right up until closure.

After being abolished Knutsford East signal box stood forlorn & somewhat derelict but still standing due to being a listed structure.

Sadly the box was not to survive & was destroyed by fire in a suspected arson attack in march 2000,

Another one gone.