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Brewery sidings was a brick & timber signal box built by the L&YR on the 24th april 1894 & was fitted with a 54 lever L&YR frame mounted in the front of the box which was located on the up side of the line at 1m51ch just south of Monsall lane underbridge.

The lever frame was extended to 64 levers in 1906 in connection with the opening of the goods connecting lines curve to Ashton branch sidings,however fortunes changed & in 1964 the frame was reduced to 45 levers



In 1993 (when these pictures were taken) the methods of operation were absolute block to miles platting station junction on the main & goods lines, absolute block to Thorpes bridge junction on the main lines, permissive block to Thorpes bridge junction on the goods lines & absolute block to Phillips Park no.1 on the goods connecting lines.

Brewery sidings Signal Box closed on the 15th september 1998 in connection with stage one of the Manchester north resignalling.