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87002 Royal Sovereign, back on its old stamping ground. The class 67 and a couple of non-blue/grey coaches spoiled the otherwise immaculate 1980s look of the train.244 viewsThe 87 was in charge of the return leg of the Three Peaks by Rail excursion for teams of walkers raising money for the Railway Children charity.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw 26/06/201
a Pendolino aproaches the station whilst 57314 waits its next turn dragging a London-bound service via Chorley and Manchester. In the distance, 47818 is just visible.244 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 29-09-2007
On the same day as The Duchess (below), 92017 heads-up the Tesco Express through Preston.243 viewsPhoto : Phil Tyrer 21/08/2010
6233 Duchess of Sutherland243 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 2003
Running early, 61994 The Great Marquess passes Bee Lane after a stop at Preston Station. 242 viewsThe K4, a rare visitor to Preston, was on a move from Thornton to Barrow Hill.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw 23-09-2010
60026 was pressed into serviice for Pathfinder's Hills of the North Winter Wonderland tour. 242 viewsThe loco was apparently substituted following the failure of the booked class-mate. Still wearing its early EWS livery (from before they dropped the "&"), it waits off the end of Platform 6 while the passengers have a leg-stretch...

Photo : ASB 31/1/2009
6233 Duchess of Sutherland242 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 2003
55019 Royal Highland Fusilier on the rear of the DPS Freedom of Scotland tour.242 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 22-06-2003
6233 Duchess of Sutherland241 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 2003
87008241 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 17-04-2004
Out of the fog...240 viewsSpitfire's "Christmas Cracker" from Skipton to Blackpool passes Lea with 37248 leading 37676.

Photo : ASB 29/11/2008
70013 Oliver Cromwell posing as 70048 The Territorial Army stands at platform 4 at the end of a slightly truncated Hope for Heroes tour. 239 views8F no.48151 double-headed "Ollie", taking the place of 46115 Scots Guardsman.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw 27/03/2010
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