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back onto the train for a slightly late departure. 224 viewsThe whole manoevre seems to have caught the fireman on the hop - 6233 is blowing-off continuously for several minutes

Adrian Bradshaw 09-10-2008
"Whistler" 40145 deputising for the unavailable Deltic ...223 views... made this tour the Capital Whistler rather than the Capital Deltic, from Preston to London Kings Cross.
Here the loco is seen shortly before departure at the south end of platform 6.

Photo : Martin Brown 15/11/2008
The two locos after arrival back to a damp and dark Preston. A rare chance to see two steam charters sided-by side...223 viewsphoto : Adrian Bradshaw 26-08-2009
EWS Silver 67 no 67029 was in sole charge of the train rather than the usual top & tail pair.223 viewsThe VSOE Northern Belle Excursion from York to Windermere pauses at Preston. The train had already waited for more than 10 minutes south of the station, so the driver was probably getting a little impatient...

Adrian Bradshaw 25-09-2007
47270 stands at Platform 7, awaiting a path south. Booked away from Preston at 17.02, it ran more than an hour early.222 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 20-11-2009
The VSOE Northern Belle trains are usually top & tail class 67s, but on this occasion silver liveried 67014 is in sole charge of the trip from Crewe to Edinburgh. 219 views67014 runs into Platform 4 with the 1Z67 outward leg.

Photo : Mike Thomas 19/09/2008
Black 5 45231 Sherwood Forester departs from platform 5219 viewsphoto : Phil Tyrer 26-08-2009
219 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 09-10-2008
No, this isn't a photo from 1982. 217 viewsThe sight of BR-blue liveried 87002, back with its original name "Royal Sovereign", hauling a rake of blue/grey coaches will be hauntingly familiar to all us 40-somethings who took an interest in the WCML in the late 70s and early 80s.
This photo and a gallery of an interesting day at Preston on 16th July are on the Visitors page.

Photo : Martin Brown 16/07/2008
EWS 37417217 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 29-09-2007
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