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Most viewed - 2014
Class 86613 Freightliner at Preston Station4453 viewsPhoto : James Roche 29-Mar-2014
Freightliners Heavy Haul Class 66/5 No. 66535 approaching Preston station hauling 4Z28 08:00 Fiddlers Ferry Power Station to Hunterston High Level 2039 viewsPhoto : Dave Felton 15-Jan-2014
DB Schenker Class 66 No. 66206 passing through Preston station 0F76 the 08:27 light engine movement from Carlisle N.Y. to Warrington Arpley Sidings2021 viewsPhoto : Dave Felton 15-Jan-2014
Class 47580 (County of Essex) Union Jack Flag at Preston892 viewsPhoto : James Roche 27-Jan-2014
Class 40145 (345) at Preston733 viewsPhoto : James Roche 07-Jun-2014
Class 31465 & 97301 Network Rail Test Train at Preston Dock Strand Road Level Crossing.643 viewsPhoto : James Roche 01-Aug-2014
Class 60087 Colas Rail at Preston Docks Strand Road Level Crossing as part of a route-learning run529 viewsPhoto : James Roche 15-Dec-2014
68002 'Intrepid' at Preston being dragged from Carlisle Kingmoor to Crewe Gresty bridge by 57003.498 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 03-Mar-2014
37405 powers of Dock Street Sidings working the 6Z57 Preston Dock Street Sidings to Cricklewood.497 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 02-Jan-2014
Disruption at Preston on Tuesday 16th September... 494 viewsDue to a fatality near Penrith, northbound trains were stopped for a period. This resulted in TPE 185125 being turned back at Preston. The 185 is seen here in bay platform 4C waiting to return to Manchester Airport as 153352 departs for Ormskirk.
Photo : Mark Bartlett 16-Sep-2014
47818, after working the Saturday Manchester shoppers service three days previously, was on a Northern Belle special from Crewe to Barrow-in-Furness on 16th December, seen here heading north at Hest Bank480 viewsPhoto : Mark Bartlett 16-Dec-2014
47727 'Rebecca' in platform 4C preparing to depart with 0Z95 Preston to Wakefield Kirkgate driver training450 viewsPhoto: DM Stuart 03-Dec-2014
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