Preston Station Gallery

Photos from 2000 to the present day

DRS 37s, 37688 and 37667 pause at Preston heading north and...179 viewsPhoto : Mike Thomas 20-03-2008
7100 The Duke of Gloucester stands at the north end of Platform 6, waithing to take The Cumbrian Coast Explorer to Carlisle. 177 viewsPhoto : Mike Thomas 20-03-2008
86359 Les Ross arrives at Liverpool Lime Street with the Les Ross Day Tripper.188 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 01-03-2008
47773 on the rear of The Les Ross Day Tripper180 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 01-03-2008
The Turning Movement mini-tour brought newly main-line certified 86359 Les Ross to Preston. 178 viewsHere it waits, pan-down, having been dragged from Liverpool by 47773. The next leg of the tour was handled by the veteran AC loco to Crewe, from where the 47 returned the train to Liverpool for the return leg of the main tour - The Les Ross Day Tripper.

ASB 1/3/08
47773, ready to take the first leg of the Turning Movement mini-tour, to Preston.177 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 01-03-2008
86359 Les Ross at Liverpool Lime Street with the Les Ross Day Tripper / Turning Movement178 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 01-03-2008
On the evening of 29th February, high winds caused empty containers to be blown from a train over Shap. 184 viewsThe line was therefore closed, resulting in the Caledonian Sleeper being recalled to Preston. Here, it is pictured at Preston the following day.

ASB 1/3/08
90028 stabled north of Preston. The loco is on hire to GBRf for 6 weeks, acting as a "thunderbird" loco for the 325 mail EMUs179 viewsASB 19/2/08
The Duke in early morning son before taking the The Cumbrian Coast Express north184 viewsMartin Brown 09-02-2008
The Duke in early morning son before taking the The Cumbrian Coast Express north180 viewsMartin Brown 09-02-2008
71000, after returning the Cumbrian Mountain Express - ahead of schedule!184 viewsAdrian Bradshaw 09-02-2008
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