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Photos from 2000 to the present day

Black 5 Sherwood Forester waits to take RTC's Welsh Mountaineer207 viewsphoto : Phil Tyrer - 05-08-2009
Heading for Preston, the DBS pair of Tractors is seen here at Leyland. 204 views37670 is leading 37401, with the latter being drafted-in at short notice due to problems with the other DBS red-liveried classmate 37419.

Photo : Martin Brown 02/08/2009
Saturday's tractor pairing passes Cadley Causeway bridge, coasting towards the station. 208 views37087 and 37676 are in charge, with 57007 bringing up the rear.
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Video : Chris Bradshaw 01/08/2009
The weekly Fellsman service kicks off with 5690 Leander in charge. 190 viewsThe Jubilee is pictured here climbing Hoghton Bank.

Photo : Phil Tyrer 29/07/2009
After reported delays, Leander was able to make up lost time and arrived back at Preston bang-on time, departing for Carnforth at around 9pm. 194 viewsThe LMS Jubilee is seen here simmering on platform 6.

Photo : Rob Maynard 29/07/2009
Taken from Lightfoot Lane, to the north of Preston, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland is pictured in full-flight with the outward leg of RTC's Cumbrian Mountain Express from Worcester to Carlisle.189 viewsPhoto : ASB 18/07/2009
47786 brings up the rear.199 views47786 brings up the rear.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw - 11-7-2009
87002 departs from Preston with the return leg of Spitfire's Electric Scot tour.191 viewsMore photos of this and the Railtourer Snowdonian tour are on the Visitors page.

Photo : ASB 11/07/2009
In the gathering gloom, 87002, ...189 viewsslightly late due to an incident which resulted in the BTP being called to the train at Carlisle, takes Spitfire's Electric Scot tourout of Platform 4 on the return leg.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw - 11-7-2009
Railtourer's "Snowdonian" tour, featuring 47826 in charge and 47804 dead on the rear.184 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw - 11-7-2009
Railtourer's "Snowdonian" tour, featuring 47826 in charge and 47804 dead on the rear.196 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw - 11-7-2009
D1015 Western Champion makes a spirited start away from Preston, bang-on-time, with the Western Chieftain tour. 187 viewsPhoto : ASB 21/06/2009
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