Preston Station Gallery

Photos from 2000 to the present day

55022 crosses Strand Road on the Branchline Society's Ribble Lune Railtour. 306 viewsThis is as close as a production Deltic has ever been to the Dick Kerr works, where the prototype was built.

Adrian Bradshaw 10-10-2010
Final glimpse - in the low morning sun, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland runs light with support coach from Carnforth to Crewe.285 viewsThis is the last time we will see this loco for some time, as it it undergoes a major overhaul.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw 08-10-2010
5690 Leander coasts towards Darkinson Lane on her way from Preston to Blackpool. 284 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 02-10-2010
5690 Leander approaches Blackpool Road Bridge, near Haslam Park on its way to Blackpool on the Severn Valley tour from Bridgnorth.289 viewsPhoto : Mervyn Williams 02-10-2010
K4 61994 The Great Marquess sits on Platform 9 at Preston 272 viewsPhotos : David Cawthra 23-09-2010
K4 61994 The Great Marquess sits on Platform 9 at Preston 255 viewsPhotos : David Cawthra 23-09-2010
Running early, 61994 The Great Marquess passes Bee Lane after a stop at Preston Station. 258 viewsThe K4, a rare visitor to Preston, was on a move from Thornton to Barrow Hill.

Photo : Adrian Bradshaw 23-09-2010
60096, the third "tug" to on the Preston Dock bitumen tanks in recent weeks, passes Bee Lane before heading for Blackburn.320 viewsWednesday often sees this train going via Warrington, but not on this occasion.

Photo : Martin Brown 8/9//2010
With just one more Fellsman of the season to go, Leander is again in charge as it passes Bee Lane 45 minutes late.290 viewsPhoto : Martin Brown 8/9//201
DRS class 47 no.47501 waits for the road north with inspection saloon in tow.276 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 2/9//2010
55022 waits at the peg at Preston on the return leg of the Western and Eastern Coastal Express, on which the Deltic was deputising for unavailable "Western" D1015.299 viewsPhoto : Mike Birtles 31/08/2010
5690 Leander heads up the Fellsman through Lostock Hall.264 viewsPhoto : Martin Brown 25/08/2010
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