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47501 'Craftsman' stands in platform 6 at Preston working the 1Z52 Skipton to Manchester Victoria via Blackpool North Northern Belle.302 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 17-Dec-2013Dec 17, 2013
57315 prepares to drag 37685 north back to Carnforth after reversing off the PCD sidings.425 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 29-Nov-2013Nov 30, 2013
57313 & 57315 arrive, 57313 went on front of 37516 to take it to Bristol, only 200+ minutes late. 57315 was used to drag 37685 back to Carnforth457 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 29-Nov-2013Nov 30, 2013
DRS 57302 drags 37685 off the train and on to the south sidings, 37516 isn't fit enough to take the train alone, so 57313 & 57315 are called from Carnforth to rescue415 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 29-Nov-2013Nov 30, 2013
37685 & 37516 arrive at Preston working the 5Z85 Carnforth to Bristol ECS, 37685 shut down and 57302 was started up to take off the faulty tractor.421 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 29-Nov-2013Nov 30, 2013
47813 'Solent' stabled in the north bay with 57304 on Freight Thunderbird duties.416 viewsPhoto : Dave Felton 25-Nov-2013Nov 26, 2013
DB Schenker Class 60 No. 60092 emerging from the Docks Branch at Preston station hauling 6E32 discharged bitumen tanks from Preston Docks to Lindsey Oil Terminal.467 viewsPhoto : Dave Felton 15-Nov-2013Nov 16, 2013
DB Schenker Class 60 No. 60092 waiting to depart from Preston Docks exchange sidings with 6E32 discharged bitumen tanks from Preston Docks to Lindsey Oil Terminal.476 viewsPhoto : Dave Felton 15-Nov-2013Nov 16, 2013

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RSR Winter Steam Gala - Agecroft No.2, John Howe and Ferrybridge No.3186 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 16-Feb-2013
Sunday at the RSR Winter Steam Gala - John Howe leads the return from Strand Road269 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 17-Feb-2013
Colas "Grid" 56302 on the Chirk - Carlisle logs405 viewsPhoto : Adrian Bradshaw 02-Jun-2013
Colas 56105 passes Farington Curve junction with the Carlisle - Chirk log train.333 viewsPhoto : Andrew Rushton 22-Jul-2013
DRS 47805 'John Scott 12-5-45' brings up the rear of Compass Tours 'Cotton Mills Express' as it departs Preston for Blackpool883 viewsPhoto : Steve Boreham 27-Jul-2013
47832 'Solway Princess' glides towards Preston at Sandy Gate Lane working the 1Z94 Edinburgh-London Euston Northern Belle with 47813 'Solent' on the rear.379 viewsPhoto : DM Stuart 19-Aug-2013
Direct Rail Services Class 37 No. 37261 hauling 6Z50 from Crewe to Drigg heading north through Euxton with fellow class member No. 37607 attached to the rear293 viewsPhoto : Dave Felton 23-Aug-2013
Direct Rail Service Class 57/3 No. 57311 'Thunderbird' stands in the bay platform at the north end of platform 3 at Preston station lives up to its name ready for thunderbird duties279 viewsPhoto : Dave Felton 30-Oct-2013